USB Ear-cleaning Endoscope

Clean your ears thoroughly with precision and zero pain!

We all know, that Q-tips (cotton swabs) can hurt the delicate skin in our inner ear, increasing the chance of inflammation, which can then lead to other serious infections, due to damaging the protective layer of skin.

Our USB Ear-cleaning Endoscope allows you to clean your ears in the same way, that your ENT doctor would do, using a microscopic camera and a sanitary metal hook and tools.

SEE EVERYTHING INSIDE YOUR EAR - See the insides of your ear thanks to the microscopic camera, streaming the content directly to your computer or phone.

CLEAN THE EARWAX WITH EASE - The USB Ear-cleaning Endoscope features a sanitary metal hook and silicone attachments, which can be used to pull the earwax out.

NO MORE IMPACTED EARWAX DUE TO COTTON SWABS - Impacted earwax can be painful and leads to temporary hearing loss. One of the main reason it happens, is the improper use of cotton swabs for "cleaning" the ears

Resolution: 720 x 640
Camera diameter: 5.5mm
Light: 6 LEDs

Material: Metal

Cable length: 5m

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If something is wrong with your order, you can quickly contact our helpful customer support team to get a refund.

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