Solarcru™ 2.0 - Foldable Solar Cells

Charge your devices directly from the sun!

Never having enough power on the go? Do you carry a power bank, but having no way to charge it once it's out of power? Worry no more.

Our Foldable Solar Cells allow you to spread a network of interconnected solar panels, that allow you to push power from the sun directly to the device of your choice

Once you are done charging, simply fold it, and put it in your backpack, or pocket! It's about the size of a clutch purse.

  • Allows you to harness the power of sun
  • Pushes the power directly to your device, including powerbanks
  • Perfect for all outdoor activites 
  • Always allows you to have power, even in the most secluded and rural areas
  • Comes with a compass
  • Works with both Android and iOS devices


Input voltage: 5V/2A.
Output current: 5V/2A.

Size: 15,3 x 7,5 x 2,5cm (52cm expanded)


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