Protective Silicone Cover For Apple AirPods Case

We know, airpods are expensive, and even the case sets you back good amount of money, if you break it, or lose it. And don't forget the money you will pay for replacament of one, or even both lost airpods. We have decided to introduce a simple solution to these problems and problems beyond them, that you probably have with your AirPods case.
SAFE -Medical grade silicone makes sure, that the case is friendly to your skin, as well as to the airpod case.
ANTI-SLIDE TECHNOLOGY - The case will never slide around your table again. Preventing scratches, and eliminates the risk of them falling off your table, and if you drop the case, it reduces the damage to both the case and the AirPods.
EASY TO GRIP - The AirPod case will never slide out of your hand again. Preventing the destruction of your AirPod case, as well as its content.
  • Stylish and protective TPU case with silicone coating offers a perfectly tailored fit.
  • Full protection cover provides durability and defense against scratches made from daily use.
  • Designed to be Qi Wireless Charger compatible for the AirPod Wireless Charger Case.
  • Easily strap the AirPods holder onto a keychain with the included metal carabiner clip.
  • Protects the charging port from dust and debris with attached dust cap. 

Size: 5.5*4.7*2.8cm

Material: Medical grade silicone

Compatibility: All airpods cases


SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If something is wrong with your order, you can quickly contact our helpful customer support team to get a refund.

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